Waterline Park, Queens Wharf Brisbane

Waterline Park is the new active recreation zone located under the Riverside Expressway opposite 1 William Street. Once an unsafe and impenetrable barrier between the river and the CBD, it is now a series of welcoming recreational ‘landscape rooms’, with lush sub-tropical planting and exercise opportunities.


Brisbane, QLD


Destination Brisbane Consortium


2015 - 2019

Key Services

Concept Design / Bid Design
Construction Documentation
Construction Phase Support

Photography by Christopher Jones

Before: 1 William Street 2014
CUSP Photography

After: 1 William Street 2020
Christopher Jones Photography

A passionate team of CUSP designers led by Stephen Pate reimagined this space that was previously used for parking into a dynamic recreational space that celebrates the riverside location and improves connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists from the riveredge to the City grid.

Photography by Christopher Jones

Framed by terraces and broad steps positioned for sitting and spectating, this space is able to support a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including outdoor gym equipment and table tennis and structures suitable for plyometric training.